Did you ever want your EC2 instances to run only at a certain time of the day/week or a month, or finding it hard to periodically turn on/turn off your many EC2 instances manually? Then read on :)

There exists a myriad of situations where you would genuinely appreciate having a system that automatically manages the uptime of your instances with little investment. Here are few

I remember that on one pleasant Sunday evening, while my brother and I were watching our favorite tv show (The Two and a Half Men) on Netflix, it occurred to us that we had watched every single episode of it at least ten times.

We couldn’t help but wonder why is that we never came across such captivating TV series more often. On discussing a little further we realized that the recommendation system of Netflix and Amazon isn’t perfect yet, and they don’t allow us to sort the content effectively as per our requirements. …

Merge Sort has the Best, Worst, and Average-case complexity of O(nlogn).

So I started out by gleaning over available online resources and found the different ways presented in various articles slightly confusing. I am writing this post in the hope of making it easier for any other learners out there to understand this concept.


The Gist

The idea is simple, just split the array at a midpoint…

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